Danerics Elliott Wave

danerics elliott wave

Interesting gold hit exactly at the 10 am London close. At the same time Euro was smacked, the dollar, energy, copper, equities, and most commodities shot up. Almost looks like someone knew what was coming in the mfg data news and ensured a temperate reaction in PMs by initiating a typical 10 am gold hit. They sucked in some longs on the earlier morning rally to $1671 then swept them out on the drop to $1657.

Maybe in a few months we will see a big correction but it seems we are headed for a period of extremes. I really didn’t want to add normal balance to positions but I am going to use dips and TA signals to make the most out of this market by putting into work some of the cash.

The market would need to further deteriorate to confirm an impulse pattern down. But I don’t think the Fed members have had time to dump their portfolios just yet, so – cynically I say bookkeeping – probably we rally until October. Prices have reached a point that if we are to rally again to new highs, it would be about from this level. The daily below shows this potential.

  • I really didn’t want to add to positions but I am going to use dips and TA signals to make the most out of this market by putting into work some of the cash.
  • Antichrist is due 20 – 22 September, and when he gets down here and makes covenant for 1 week with the Luciferians running the banks behind the scenes, the order will be to crash the market down.
  • How many of them will say, “but didn’t we do righteousness in your name?
  • I thought they’d wait until November, December timeframe.
  • Just an opinion and DYODD.No worries, MK.

2nd coming of Jesus Christ in a matter of years and where the vaccine and Anti-Christ all fit in. If anything it’s entertaining to read. This implies the big VIX gap up will eventually close, likely at the end of wave 3. Its like losing $10,000 in the casino, then the next day you win $1,000 and get very excited.

Basic Patterns

I had been thinking over and over again how this market will play out . The main thing we notice here is the massive channel that nifty has been playing . The lower trend line support has been held for OVER 1.5 years now. Usually it takes lot of consolidation whenever a market needs to break a Good resistance or support.

danerics elliott wave

The 20dma continues to cap gold and silver. Not very good chances of a rally as long as that level poses resistance. I am not going to go into a lot of exposition here. I think the charts speak for themselves and the notes I wrote on the charts tell the story.

This seems to be a fitting cognitive dissonance moment to mark the top of wave . The trading blog is well structured, has been active since 2009, and has numerous posts, over 3,500 posts published. I don’t know, probably up big Monday LOL, I have a count for it. I have all the options covered actually.

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The dollar is once again sitting on its 6 month uptrend line with some + div. This brief gold rally to $1649 feels like a set up before the more important fireworks beginning possibly later today and into Thursday.

This system allows identifying the position of a wave within the general progression of the market, bearing in mind that it is difficult to determine the waves in concise periods. We discovered Daneric’s Elliott Waves Blogspot months ago, and we immediately liked it. The blog mainly deals with trading with the Elliott Wave Theory. But it is an indication by the world elite cabal that the poll numbers may be horrible concerning the booster plans so early. People are blinded as I have explained, but in general, people don’t like needles.

danerics elliott wave

Annotated charts of Indices, Indexes, ETFs, and top IBD rated stocks for Option Traders. No need for you to post who releases earnings. We can all get that from briefing.com every day. No wonder Daneric banned you several times and everyone over there has blocked you. Same time they are prosecuting a Chinese tech giant for espionage?

Nate’s Market Analysis

Daneric’s Elliott Waves Elliott Wave Theory, Technical Analysis, and Social Mood Commentary. Market smashed through the channel lower line. Dollar looks like it might be forming a zigzag down which implies another 5 waves structure lower. Objective Elliott Wave, , is a quantitative approach to the Elliott Wave Theory. It is a proprietary technique that defines every significant wave within bull and bear markets quantitatively. All markets are driven by long term investor confidence cycles. Also, 20 dollar silver will definitely put a major strain on silver supply which is also experiencing problems.

3x etf daily trading with stop/go signals on top.Includes tips on how to apply these charts. P&F charts of recent Dynamic CSS patterns. Chart patterns help identify stocks changing character from distribution to accumulation. The Market OracleWe present in-depth analysis from over 600 experienced analysts on multiple views of the probable direction of the financial markets.

Nothing significant until one of them breaks away. Key Takeaways Elliott Wave Theory is a method of technical analysis that looks for redcurrant long-term price patterns related to persistent changes in investor sentiment and psychology. The theory identifies waves identified as impulse waves that set up a pattern and corrective waves that oppose the larger trend. Testing previous resistance as support after the breakout is nothing more than ebb and flow within a market. Those trading short-term technical patterns better be expert traders, because nothing has reversed the long-term breakout and secular up trend.

danerics elliott wave

A left translated and failed daily cycle suggest gold’s 1 yr bounce is probably up. Gonna be hard to push gold under $1600 if the dollar decides to decline for the next weeks. That would be a long enough decline to fill the gap at 75.1. Dollar’s bounce today to 79.5 was a retest of the b/o below the 7 month uptrend line.

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The author may from time to time make statements about certain investment vehicles and strategies, but it is not to be taken as investment advice. Again, it is just the author expressing his opinion only. I’d note that this does not look good for silver. It is still possible to stage a panic rally in gold like in summer 2011, when GSr went up along with gold’s massive rally, but we need a serious catalyst to accomplish this. If one was following my HUI chart from several months ago, you would not be surprised about where the miners are at today. I’m not always right, but that HUI chart of mine hit several turns in a row.

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3/10/20, bending back over, which would tell me to put hedges back on. But must wait for daily close to judge cross overs. Fundamentals can be argued on both sides also. There are plenty of competing bull and bear fundamental analysis. My prognostication about a break down in the Dow died long ago.


Additionally, bullishness sentiment returns, and is often as high as it was at the peak, despite the technical long term damage that was done by Wave 1. So either Primary 2 is done or we have another rally coming that could make a modest nominal higher high. However, either way, I think the upside to be gained is trivial danerics elliott wave in comparison to the downside risk. Certainly wasn’t Nano 4 as the 3 tiny waves were 3076, 3085, 3081. Don’t know when I’ll be able to trade SPX again as I’ve stayed away from the small moves. Duration seems short and not enough of a pullback, so I am leaning towards a pico wave 4 completed and SPX is in pick wave 5.

Elliott Wave Update ~ 3 September 2021

Last summer, they killed off Union Bank of Switzerland, which has zero gold and is no longer a player in the gold game. The cartel is being steadily stripped of their physical gold, forced by bad PIIGS sovereign debt positions, and wrong currency positions. To relieve the margin calls, the cartel member banks are forced into relinquishing their gold at low prices. In addition, traps are being laid for the gold cartel member banks. To the novice, it appears that gold is being punished. When in fact, for those who gobble up the mainstream news like dogs eating vomit, they miss the actual story. The reality is that another gold cartel member is killed every few weeks.

Many of these “typical” Americans, indeed all over the world for that matter, are not saved to Jesus. They need to be to saved to have any effect on their mindset at this stage. The great delusion cast by God so that the unsaved can believe the lies is starting to show it’s effects.

Author: Stephen L Nelson